Big Boost to Mahesh Babu in Bollywood

Now a days Telugu Films are earning huge profits to the Hindi producers.Earlier we heard the news that Hindi movie producers are showing much interest on Mahesh Babu’s upcoming entertainer ‘Spyder’. This interest is because this film’s teaser has got good response from the audience in the Tollywood and Kollywood. The latest buzz is that, Bollywood top producer and the distributor Karan Johar is ready to buy ‘Spyder’ movie rights in Hindi. Karan Johar is having a good knowledge in the Bollywood markets.
Earlier, Karan Johar bought the rights of ‘Baahubali’ in Hindi of both parts and earned very huge profit. He earned more than 500 crores till now which is very huge. Karan Johar is hoping for the positive response from the Spyder movie producers. If all things goes well, Karan will release this film in a grand scale in North India and other parts of the country. Present talks are going on with the film producers. Let us wait for the positive response. It is a good sign for both Tollywood and bollywood because both will get benefitted mutually. It may help to increase the Telugu Market further in the country. Mahesh Babu is also ready to create sensation in Hindi with this Spyder movie.

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