Gultoo Movie Review Rating – Naveen Shankar, Sonu Gowda

Gultoo Movie Review Rating: Gultoo movie is a new age murder mystery. While the movie is written and directed by Janardhan Chikkanna and produced by Prashant Reddy and Devraja R. Furthermore, Amit Anand is the music composer for this movie. Naveen Shankar and Sonu Gowda are playing the lead roles in the film. And Avinash, Pramod Shetty, Dhanu are playing the other supporting roles in this movie.  This latest movie has hit the screens all over the world on 26 January 2018. Since the movie has hit the screens, we are going to give you the review and rating of Gultoo movie in this article. Hence check the Gultoo Movie Review Rating.

Gultoo Movie Cast:

This movie has Naveen Shankar in the male lead role. He has given his best performance in this film and is getting many good reviews from the critics. While Sonu Gowda is playing the female lead in this film. While she is known for her recent film such as Happy New Year, Asthitva, Half Mentlu, Goa. She also gave her best in the film and is one of the reasons for getting the positive reviews for Gultoo movie. Avinash played the other vital role in the film.

Gultoo Movie Crew:

Janardhan Chikkanna is the director of this movie. While it is the first film for him as a director and worked very hard for this film. And for the work he has done for the film, he has got many critical acclaims. While Prashant Reddy and Devraja R are the producers of the film. And the movie is starring Naveen Shankar, Sonu Gowda, Avinash, Pramod Shetty, Dhanu in some pivotal roles. While the songs composed by Amit Anand are getting a very good response from the audience. Shanthi Sagar H G is the cinematographer and Bharath M C is the Editor of this film.

Gultoo Movie Cast & Crew:

Director: Janardhan Chikkanna
Star Cast: Naveen Shankar, Sonu Gowda, Avinash, Pramod Shetty, Dhanu
Music Director: Amit Anand
Producer: Prashant Reddy and Devraja R
Writer: Avinash Lakshmaiah
Cinematography: Shanthi Sagar H G
Editor: Bharath M C
Gultoo Movie Release Date: 26 January 2018
Gultoo Movie Censor Report: U/A
Language: Kannada

Gultoo Movie Review Rating:

Gultoo Movie Rating: 2.5/5

Performance: We have seen the best performances in this film. Naveen Shankar performed extraordinarily in the cop role. While Sonu Gowda and other supporting characters performed very well in the film.

Music and Background: The songs and BGM composed by Amit Anand are outstanding.

Story: Gultoo movie is a new age murder mystery

Plus Points:

  • Naveen Shankar Performance
  • Music and Background Score
  • Story & Screenplay

Minus Points:

  • Some Unnecessary Scenes in the second half

Will I Suggest: Yes, it is worth a watch for Naveen Shankar.

Final Word: It is a nice attempt from the director and Naveen Shankar. While the movie is a new age murder mystery.

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