Prabhas Is the New Brand Ambassador Of Gionee India

Prabhas as new ambassador of Gionee Mobiles

After the super success of both parts of Baahubali in all the languages, the craze of Rebel Star Prabhas has increased tremendously and got a huge fan base across the country. Prabhas has been flooded with many offers to endorse many products in India. But Prabhas did not sign most of them because he is very keen before signing them.
Prabhas is very careful in deciding whether to endorse a particular product or not. This is a good step as he is not endorsing for money like some other heroes. Now, Prabhas has agreed to be a brand ambassador of Gionee mobiles. We know that

Gionee is one of the leading smartphones in our country now. It has around 1.25 crore users in our country.
Gionee mobiles are in the market for the past few years and is trying to increase their market as soon as they can in this competitive world. Gionee is targeting mainly Indian users because Indians use more mobile phones in the world after the China. Now this step with Prabhas may surge their sales to huge and will increase their market across the country.
Currently, Prabhas is getting ready for his film which titled as Saaho. This is going to be released in 3 Languages.

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